Get a great overall workout incorporating muscular strength, agility and speed as well as cardiovascular training. No experience is necessary.


We offer state of the arts training methodology in helping you get “Strong, Fit and Able”. With the heavy demands that society places on the typical employee, it is becoming increasing important for companies to provide programs that promote stress management and physical wellness.

Boxers and Kick boxers are among the best-conditioned athletes in the world. They posses a physical presence that is unequaled in the sporting arena. Their training routines have been used for centuries and can now be unlocked so that you can obtain muscular conditioning and overall physical fitness of a world champion.

Fusion Kick Fit uses actual boxing/kick boxing techniques to strengthen and tone your upper body, abdominal and leg muscles. The footwork utilized in training will increase your overall stamina and build your cardiovascular strength. This fast paced, hard punching workout will give you a sense of power you’ve never known and the ultimate physique you’ve always desired.


  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves static and dynamic balance
  • Increases muscle strength, power & endurance
  • Increases agility and coordination
  • Improves flexibility, coordination & speed

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